7 Blue Team

Frank Evans                                 (636) 231-2300                                           Math

Rachael Eggert                              (636) 231-2300                                           Language Arts

Karrie Schmidt                               (636) 231-2300                                         Social Studies

Landon Jarvis                               (636) 231-2300                                           Science


Here is the list of textbooks your child should have at home for our team:

  • Math/Accelerated Math--textbook and journal
  • Science--students have the option of either taking an actual textbook home or subscribing to the online version
  • Social Studies--students may check-out atlases and textbooks on an as-needed basis


We have found that problems have been arising with students and the number of required notebooks. Here is how many notebooks they should have for each class:

  • Math or Pre-Algebra: 2 notebooks (1 for notes and 1 for daily bell work)
  • Science: 1 notebook
  • Social Studies: 1 notebook
  • Language Arts: 2 notebooks
  • Encore: Your teacher will tell you whether or not you need a notebook