Washington Middle School Counseling Services

Washington Middle School has two full-time School Counselors on campus. The counselors provide services to meet the needs of the students. They consult with teachers, staff and parents to effectively enhance the educational & social-emotional growth for students and provide support to other educational programs. Services include:

  • Implementing the Missouri Comprehensive School Guidance Program;
  • Guiding and counseling students, both individually and in groups, through the development of educational and career plans;
  • Short-term school counseling individual students;
  • Consulting with teachers, staff, parents and community members regarding the developmental needs of students;
  • Referring students to appropriate community agencies in consultation with their parents;
  • Coordinating, conducting or participating in activities which contribute to the effective operation of the school.

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Washington Middle School Counselors

Tracy Helm           (636) 231-2300 ext. 7940  [email protected]                   

Shelly Struckhoff   (636) 231-2300 ext. 8908  [email protected]